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I am a specialist teacher in mid-Powys, currently doing the Level 7 diploma in assessing and teaching learners with a specific learning difficulty/dyslexia, and, in parallel, an on-line pilot course in Inclusive Technologies for Reading.


It’s a great joy, being absorbed in teaching and learning that all pivots around sharing access to reading: enabling children and young people to become skilful cracking the code and to develop as independent readers, whilst sharing and discovering for themselves the joy of reading books and listening to audio books.


E-reading opens a new and parallel medium of language communication that is transforming all our lives at a dizzying speed and on a universal scale. The world’s storehouse of printed language is becoming rapidly accessible, at a touch, in multiple formats. Devices and screens are vital channels of learning and communication. Institutions, let down your walls! The future of communication and learning is already held in the hands of our children, eager and curious – in a village in Ethiopia, in our classroom, in the streets of Southwark, in mega-cities in Asia. Explorative, collaborative, spontaneous, connective, we are all now part of a virtual, global, interconnected community as never before.


Whether it is through spoken language, on printed paper, or on-line, we still reach out to each other. We shape thoughts and feelings into words in our mother tongue or in the languages of others: we listen, we read – with our eyes, our ears, our voices, our finger-tips, our minds, our hearts.  In text, in song, in our bodies and in our spirit, past lives live on in us, and we are guardian of their messages.


Let us learn from each other, past and present, let us be guardians as best we can. Let us share with each other, with the children whose lives touch ours, near and far, and with all those in the future.

Thank you, family, friends, students and all fellow learners on the journey of life. Let’s turn the next page and discover what lies there.Image